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7 ways the Property Management System of Centurion saves you money:

  1. Reduced Exposure to Liability
  2. Reduced Vacancies
  3. Best Rent Amount in the Least Amount of Time
  4. In Depth Evaluations and Reporting
  5. Efficient and Cost Effective Property Maintenance
  6. Comprehensive Marketing and Advertising Plan for your Property
  7. Smart use of Industry Leading Technology to Maximize our Management, Minimize Expenses, and Drive Results to your Bottom Line
Evaluation of the Property+

We begin our management process by gathering information from the property owner followed by a thorough evaluation of the property. One or more qualified staff will evaluate the property, roofs, building structure, common areas, interior units, etc. Our team then works together in evaluating the historical income and expense data on the property along with comparing current leases and rental amounts to the going market rates. We will develop a plan for the short and long term based on your feedback to our evaluation. We understand that no two properties or owners are alike and each property and property owner have differing needs, desires and financial objectives.

We Become the Point of Contact+

Once we commence the management of a property, we immediately send out written notices to tenants informing them that Centurion Real Estate Management, LLC will be the new managing agent. We provide pertinent information to the tenants about our company and process, where to send rent payment and how to submit work orders.

The Long Term Benefit of Professional Property Management+

A professional property management company should make you money – not cost you money. We perform this difficult task in many ways. With our knowledge of the current rental market and trends, we can keep rents up and vacancies down. With periodic and thorough property inspections, we can spot problematic issues before they begin, minimizing long term loss in property value and costly major repairs. We are able to reduce costs and increase efficiency through our streamlined processes.

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Centurion Real Estate Management, LLC has a subsidiary maintenance company comprised of an experienced and qualified team of maintenance technicians who are able to respond quickly and professionally to all property maintenance and repair needs. We also have a comprehensive list of outside vendors that we contract with for specific property jobs. We strive to control costs on the property whenever possible. Each property’s expenditures are governed by the management agreement and items that exceed the pre-set limit must be authorized by the owner before work begins.

On-site Management and Roving Managers+

As is often the case, property management companies rely on resident managers to oversee day-to-day activities of the property. Centurion Real Estate Management, LLC takes this a step further by comprehensive hands-on training with each manager. We utilize an Employee Handbook, created from the ground up with input from numerous individuals with decades of experience in property management. We conduct periodic employee in-service trainings to hone skills and continually improve our processes. For smaller properties, we have roving managers who are directly responsible for property oversight and act as a contact person for the tenants.


Our entire team works incredibly hard to prepare units to re-rent in record time. After a tenant vacates a unit, our goal is to have the unit rent ready within 5 days. Occasionally, it may take longer, and many times, it can be done in much less time. Upon the old tenant moving out; a thorough inspection of the unit is done. We utilize a custom “Turn Packet” that incorporates a checklist and logs work that needs to be accomplished which produces a record sheet for completed work for property owners. Turning of the unit (i.e. preparing the vacant unit to be ready to re-rent) includes: changing the locks or re-keying, any maintenance repairs needed, scheduling the carpets to be cleaned and general cleaning.


We begin advertising the vacant unit as soon as we have a tentative availability date. We then begin screening applicants and do everything possible to pre-rent the unit so that the time the unit is vacant is minimized.

We use numerous mediums of advertising such as yard signs, local free advertising sources, web advertising, newspaper and many more. Over the years we have compiled over a 1000 tips, tactics and strategies to advertise, market and rent units.

Collecting Rents+

We collect rents and deposit all monies into a designated Client’s Trust Account. Rent collection can be very time consuming and stressful for both managers and tenants. Centurion Real Estate Management, LLC streamlines this process by using a Rent Collection flow chart outlining details and helpful tips on collecting rent in a timely manner. We train our managers to be consistent in their communication with tenants and to issue reminders and notices promptly. We also offer many options to our tenants for paying rent such as online, ACH, auto-debit and more.

Monthly Reporting+

All income from the property is deposited into a Clients’ Trust Account that is federally insured. These funds are used to pay monthly bills associated with the property such as utilities, vendors, maintenance expenses, monthly property management commission, property mortgage, taxes and insurance. At the end of every month, each account is reconciled and reports are sent out to owners.

Property Inspections+

Frequent inspections are an important part of our property management services. Centurion does periodic drive-by inspections of the property. If there is a maintenance issues at your property, our staff are trained to keep an eye on problematic situations or issues of concern at the property. We also perform scheduled interior and exterior property evaluations to spot problems early and report our findings back to the property owners.

One-Time Property Management and Rental Services Available+
  • Tenant Placement Services
  • Eviction Services
  • Maintenance Services
  • Consultation Services
  • Acquisition & Disposition of properties

Mid-Willamette Area Information

Mid-Willamette Property Management

We are located in the heart of the beautiful mid Willamette Valley in Oregon’s state capital…Salem. Here are just a few attributes of the Mid-WV that make living here such a treat:

  • Less than an hour away from the coast, Portland, or mountains
  • Some of the Highest rated universities/schooling systems in the country (Oregon State. University of Oregon, Willamette University, George Fox University, Western Oregon University, Corban, are just a few of the prestigious establishments as well as all of the grade, middle and high schools that make our communities so closely knit).
  • Corporations and companies are seeing the benefits of the Willamette Valley as well which is why companies like Garmin and Kettle Chips have their headquarters located here and also why companies like HP (Hewlett Packard) have rooted a division of their company here. Buzzing with local fairs, events, markets and activities in nearly every city within the Mid-WV, there are things to do for every walk of life.

From Skiing/snowboarding at many of the surrounding mountains, surfing at the beach, camping at state and national parks, fishing at one of the lakes, enjoying a hike on one of the hundreds of sought after trails or shopping, the Willamette Valley offers activates to suit everyone.

It is not just the bigger towns that have big city type events and attractions

  • St. Paul Rodeo
  • Oktoberfest in Mt. Angel
  • Oregon Gardens
  • Tulip Festival
  • Woodburn Outlet Malls

Not only is our location desirable, but also our economy and business environment is something to marvel at:

  • #1 Location for Manufacturing
    American Institute for Economic Research, 2011
  • #2 Lowest Taxes on New Investment
    Ernst & Young C.O.S.T. Study, 2011
  • Second Lowest Effective Business Tax Rate
    Ernst & Young C.O.S.T. Study, 2013 (Ranked in the top for the past five years)
  • #3 Highest State GDP Growth in the U.S.
    U.S. BEA, 2012 
  • Top Five for Quality of Life
    Business Facilities, 2011
  • Top Ten Best State for Future Job Growth
    Forbes, 2013

As you can see, the Mid-Willamette Valley is a great place to work, play, invest and live.