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Owner Frequently Asked Questions

Are you licensed? +
Yes. We are licensed by the Oregon Real Estate Agency.
Do you belong to any industry trade organizations? +
-Yes, NARPM, IREM, SRHA, NWREIA, Salem Chamber of Commerce and more.
-Also, all properties are overseen with care by a CPM (Certified Property Manager)
Do you handle after hours emergencies? +
Yes. We understand that not all emergencies conveniently happen during normal business hours so we offer after hours services as well. If an emergency maintenance issue arises that must be handled immediately, you can contact us 24 hours a day / 7 days a week to relay your maintenance needs and have someone respond immediately.
Do you handle landscaping and yard maintenance? +
Yes. We are happy to provide excellent one time service, service on an hourly rate, or a fixed rate routine landscaping plan to meet the needs of your property. 
Do you handle Section 8 or other similar type tenants? +
Yes. We are very familiar with Section 8 and other similar housing assistance programs.
How do you handle maintenance issues? +
At Centurion, our fully staffed professional maintenance department and techs with decades of experience will take care of your investment with quality you would expect from a top shelf property management company.
How do you make sure the tenant is taking care of my property? +
It all begins with excellent tenant screening services and following up with frequent exterior property evaluations and scheduled interior evaluations – you can rest assured that your rental property is being well overseen.
How long will it take to rent my property? +
Unfortunately, it is impossible to predict how long it may take to find a qualified applicant to rent your property. We are sometimes able to pre-rent a unit even before it is vacant. A lot depends on the current time of year, the current rental market and how the rental looks and is priced comparable to the market. That said, with our proven systems we will rent your property with speed and care.
How much is your monthly property management fee? +
As the saying goes…”Cost is what you pay – Value is what you get”. Our philosophy is that great management shouldn’t be costly, it should be invaluable! The terms of the management agreement and the fee will vary from property to property based on several factors such as the size of the property, the class of property, the overall management needs of the property and many other factors. Please feel free to give our office a call or send us an email with a brief description of your property and we would be happy to give you further pricing information based on your specific needs. We have found that many of our once skeptical clients have become believers that a good management company with a tried and true system can not only save you money in the short term, but make you more money in the long run.  
How much will my property rent for? +
This answer depends on several issues such as the size and condition of the unit, amenities included and geographical location just to name a few. Centurion excels in the area of maximizing rents. We have an in-depth process that keeps us up to date on the rental market. We use an internal proprietary process, forms and worksheets to assess and capture the best rental price for your property. We analyze, market and screen with efficiency and speed with the goal of finding our valued clients, “the best tenant, at the best price, in the least amount of time.”
How soon can you start managing my property? +
We can begin the process of managing your property immediately. Several forms will need to be completed and details confirmed, most of which can be done via phone, fax and/or email. 
How will I stay informed of what is happening with my property? +
We understand that it is a big decision for owners when they commit to turning over control of their property to a management company. We are confident that you will find us to be a highly competent and professional company that is able to manage your property in a manner that exceeds your expectations. If an emergency or other issue arises that could cause a potential interruption in your usual cash flow from the property, such as a sudden move out or an expensive repair, we will notify you promptly. Otherwise, you can expect all other items to be relayed to you in your monthly owner report.
What cost control measures do you have in place? +
We will notify you in advance of repairs that are estimated to exceed your maximum limit before taking any action. In the event that the repair is of an emergency nature, we do our best to notify you in a timely manner. Items that are deemed to be essential services or a habitability issue by law, such as the loss of all heat sources in the middle of winter, or a refrigerator or stove that is not functioning, will need to be taken care of promptly. 
What do you do to screen a prospective tenant? +
Upon receiving a rental application from a prospective tenant, we do the following to ensure you are obtaining the highest quality tenant for your property:
Verify identity of applicant
Verify income
Run a criminal background check
Pull a credit report
Check to see if applicant has any evictions on record
Check previous rental references, professional or other verifiable references and more…
What geographical area does your company cover? +

We manage properties in Salem and throughout the Willamette Valley, click here to view our areas we serve. 

What happens if the tenant does not pay their rent? +
With our thorough screening process we seek to avoid this, however when it happens we follow a systematic approach to collecting rent. Late notices are sent out or posted on the tenant’s front door after the 5th; 72-hour notices are posted on the 8th, and we begin the eviction process between the 12th and the 15th. In between the 5th and the 8th and up until the 15th, our managers and office staff are very proactive to seek out tenants who are late in paying. We have a firm belief that communication, especially face to face contact with the tenants, is the best way to ensure collection of the rent. Our managers and office staff are trained to help and encourage tenants to get back on track with paying rent now, and paying on time in the future.
What is the process for hiring you as my property management company? +
Contact us today
-Set an appointment for us to preview your property

-Meet with our staff to discuss rent price, property details and cover questions
-Sign up, sit back and “Enjoy life…leave the management to us”

What services are offered? +
Rent collection and deposits.
Property evaluation.
Property evaluation includes an on-site walk around and evaluation of the property by a property manager, maintenance technician or other qualified staff. These evaluations occur at the beginning of the management agreement and at periodic intervals over the course of the year.
Advertising and showing the vacant rental units.
We use several mediums of advertising such as yard signs, local free advertising sources, web advertising, newspaper and more. 
Tenant Screening
We thoroughly screen all tenants prior to signing a rental agreement. We screen and select quality tenants which includes; running a criminal background check, credit check, calling on past housing references, verifying id and verifying amount and source of income, and more. We handle the new tenant move-in process that includes a comprehensive move-in packet comprised of lawyer approved rental forms, several hand-outs such as Proper Care of Appliances, Lead-Based Paint Handout, all legally required forms and documents and more.
Complete and detailed reporting of the rent role each month.
Handling of all interactions with outside vendors.
Enforcement of property’s rules and regulations.
Tenant evictions.
Computerized, monthly accounting for each property.
Hiring, payroll and supervision of on-site managers or other staff.
We handle all of the bill pay, including mortgages, utilities, vendors, etc.
Send out owner draw checks monthly or deposit direct to your account via ACH.
Move-out accounting for tenants’ security deposit.
Yearly detailed on-site property evaluation.
End of year accounting which includes 1099 – misc form. 

What type of rental properties do you manage? +

We manage a wide variety of rental properties throughout the Mid-Willamette Valley. Our current portfolio consists of everything from single-family homes, condos, townhomes duplexes, small-complexes, trailer parks, larger apartment complexes and commercial property.

What will you do to rent my property? +
Over the years we have compiled over 1000 tactics and strategies to quickly and efficiently advertise, market and lease units. We pride ourselves in staying current with leading and cutting edge technologies that give us an advantage in renting your property. We will put these resources to work for you and your investment as well as the basics:
For rent signs will be posted in front of the property.
Information will be posted on the internet.
Word of mouth / Referrals
We will do our best to price your rental rate competitively to the market.
We will make sure steps are taken to present your property at its best.
If necessary and where applicable, we will use creative advertising to promote the occupancy by granting rental concessions and other promotional bonuses to prospective and current tenants.
We will use a combination of paid for marketing and advertising mediums such as the local paper, leasing services, and more…

Why choose us to manage your property? +
You can turn the headaches over to us and begin to enjoy life again.
Added convenience and peace of mind knowing that your property is being well taken care of and that the short and long term value is being preserved and maximized.
As a professional management company, we can often leverage our size and negotiate better rates for services such as maintenance, extermination and pest control services, capital improvement projects, advertising and much more.
The value of experience in the industry. You can be certain that we will be raising rents in a timely manner and attracting quality tenants that will rent longer. This will immediately add an increase to your bottom line while reducing the added expense of costly turnovers.
Reduced vacancy rates.
Through continuous monitoring and oversight of your property, we are able to handle minor maintenance issues before they become major costly repair work.

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