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The Best Property Management Companies in Salem, Oregon

Mendell Gosnell - Thursday, December 22, 2022
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The Best Property Management Companies in Salem, Oregon

            “Excellence isn’t a zero-sum game”. That saying holds true in every field of endeavor and every free market around the world. Excellence will in fact demand excellence of its competitors, making the world a better place for everyone.

            When it comes to the property management industry in Salem, OR, there are a lot of great companies that operate here. If you need a company to manage your property, there are a lot of high-quality options to choose from.

            Centurion Property Management serves Salem and the mid-Willamette Valley and over our years of adding value to the community, we have seen and competed against some great companies. Working in a community that has access to other great companies is actually a blessing.


            As the saying goes, “Excellence is not a zero-sum game.” This means that being excellent doesn’t diminish anybody else. At Centurion, we believe we offer the best service available and we are proud to back up our claims. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t acknowledge other great companies when we see them. 

            You need to know your craft well to appreciate when it’s being done well by others. There are many facets to the property management business and they must all be handled correctly if you are to make a name for yourself in the space. These are the hallmarks of a really great property management company.

The 7 Hallmarks of a Great Property Management Company

  1. A commitment to excellence with a track record to prove it

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit.” Excellent service is not a one-time event. It is a consistent and ever-present set of circumstances when you are doing things right. Excellence is a feeling your clients should know well.

  1. A commitment to continuing education

The world is running at break-neck speed into the future and those that don’t proactively and aggressively expand their knowledge are left in the dust, wondering “What happened?”

  1. Focus on customer service

Customer service is no longer simply getting the job done. It is going above and beyond, day-in and day-out. 

  1. A commitment to technology and changing with the industry

As with continuing education, there is a need to learn and adapt to new and emerging technologies as they improve and innovate the property management industry.

  1. Access to resources

Having what you need, when you need it is key to remaining excellent. 

  1. Full-service property management 

A top-to-bottom, full-service property management experience is what people want and expect today. A one-stop-shop that provides effective, efficient and comprehensive management services that leave no questions unasked and provide a sense of peace about the properties that are being managed.

  • Great Staff

Great staff are vital. They are the hands that make the introductions. The feet that show tenants their new homes. The smiles that greet your clients and the warm goodbyes that see them off. Your staff are how you turn your companies’ vision into a reality.

Centurion Real Estate Management

Premium Property Management

Northwest Pacific Property Management

Duerksen & Associates Property Management

            These are the companies that are doing it well in Salem, OR. They exhibit the 7 hallmarks that make a property management company stand out from the crowd. So, what is it that makes Centurion stand out, head and shoulders above the rest? What is the distinguishing factor that set them apart?

What Makes Centurion the Best?

            Centurion is not only a great property management company. We are also seasoned experts in the acquisition and disposition of investment properties. Numerous clients have grown and expanded their portfolios under Centurions guidance.

            Mendell Gosnell, the owner of Centurion Property Management, is also an active real estate investor and stays plugged into the local real estate investor community. Going far beyond just property management gives Centurion its edge in the industry. 

As the industry begins to move toward conventional asset style management of property, Centurion is already there – offering our investors the resources and insight into the local and national economic factors that affect real estate and investment property. Centurion prides itself on staying current on the ever-changing trends, laws and technology that drive the success and failure of the turbulent waters of investment real estate.

            Centurion Property Management continues to strive to be excellent. Always evolving, adding more value and providing our clients with more than they expect, exceeding expectations as a rule-of-thumb. Making excellence a habit, not a one-time act. Reach out today.

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