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How do I handle landscaping at my rental home?

Mendell Gosnell - Monday, July 23, 2018

The issue of how to handle landscaping at your rental property is one that comes up often.  Over the years we have tried several different approaches to try and achieve the best result for our clients.  After years of dealing with landscape challenges, we always recommend that our clients hire professional landscape maintenance for their rental property.  Especially for homes.  There are several reasons we recommend this approach.  Unfortunately, the majority of tenants simply will not take care of the landscape in a satisfactory and consistent manner.  Many tenants do not even have a lawn mower let alone other necessary lawn and landscaping tools needed to do the job correctly.  Maintaining the curb appeal at your property is a big deal.  It ensures your property always looks it’s best, avoids complaints from your neighbours and offers a great benefit to the tenants.  Often this additional expense can be offset by setting the rental rate accordingly.  It really becomes a win-win at this point.  The alternative is to try and have the tenants handle it (which again, history shows they don’t do it or they do a substandard job).  Then, our only recourse is to send them a notice warning them to take care of it or we will have to have it done professionally and then try to bill them and/or move to evict if they continue to fail to perform.  It really gets to be a challenge where the property owner is not happy that their landscaping is not being maintained and we the management company have to be the bad guys to try and get the tenants to comply and the tenants complain and it becomes a real messy situation.  Don’t get me wrong, there are some tenants that do an adequate job and a few that do a great job.  However, this is just not the norm and through experience, we have found that everyone is happier and better off if the landscaping is outsourced to the professionals.  In the event that we have an owner opt to try and have the tenants be responsible for the landscaping then we advise the owners to set their expectations at a reasonable level.

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