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Mendell Gosnell - Monday, September 20, 2021

It is saddening that property management companies are often at the receiving end of negative comments and feedback because they are the ones delivering the bad news. Investors and property owners can enjoy getting rents from tenants, but can turn a blind eye when it comes to repairs and maintenance.

We have heard many property owners say that they want their property to be at the level of their own homes, but all too often property owners do not stick to this when bills start coming in.

To understand this dilemma here are three things that property managers wish property owners understood:

  1. As the property managers, we want to provide our clients with the best customer experience, which is why we always listen to what our tenants want and work towards achieving that. When we have happy tenants, they are more likely to keep paying rent and re-renting which generates a high return on your investment.
  2. Aside from getting rents on time from happy tenants, the tenants also become loyal to our company and have every likelihood of recommending friends and family to us. The enhanced public image of the company, the unit, and the property protects the image of the company and the property which shows competence and professionalism in the service we offer.
  3. There are many types of tenants with different desires. Whenever we come to a property owner with complaints or requests, we hope that they will understand that we are trying to find the happy medium with a good experience for everyone involved.

Property management companies are only the messengers. They try to do all they can for the property owners and the tenants.

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