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“When the Why is Strong Enough – the How is Easy”!

Mendell Gosnell - Monday, June 22, 2015
In life and work we often start with the How question, such as how am I going to achieve my real estate investment goals.  I think we should start with the Why…why do I want to invest?
I am a type A personality so I have always gravitated towards day planners (back in the day), lists, tasks, reminders, sticky notes, etc…  However, I have grown a lot over the years in regards to the delicate balance between working to live and living to work.  Early on in my career I read a lot of books that offered great advice in regards to practical tips on how to organize, prioritize and plan.  But, I think that one of the biggest light bulbs for me personally was as I matured and really began to know myself and what I liked and what I didn’t and what I wanted out of life or better stated the Why.  Why was I working for instance…answering that question can really help you to become crystal clear on your goals and objectives and chart a straight path to getting there.  Of course this is a process, but we all tend to meander and having clear goals and knowing our Why or whys helps so much.  So before you seek to answer the how do I invest to answer the why first and the rest will be easy.
Happy Investing!!!
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