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Setting expectations for your tenants

Mendell Gosnell - Monday, April 3, 2017

Setting expectations for tenants in your rental property in Salem, OR

Setting the right expectations with your tenant from the beginning is very important and will help you to head off a lot of trouble down the road.  First, it is important to remember that the beginning does not start when you move them in, it begins the first time you make contact whether that is in person, via email or a telephone call.  Setting the right tone for the future landlord/tenant relationship is critical.  The tenants will sense if you are a push-over or you are professional and firm but fair.  Letting the tenant know from the start what you expect in regards to paying rent in full and on time and proper upkeep of the rental unit helps to ensure success over the course of the tenancy.

Things like having a professional ad for your rental along with having your rental show ready are a must.  We highly encourage landlords have a strong move-in packet with all the appropriate forms and a great move-in process to ensure you standardize the process and nothing falls through the cracks.  After setting the expectations and conducting the move-in process it is imperative that you follow through with what you said you would do along with holding the tenants accountable in regards to your expectations.  Consistent follow through and follow up will prevent a lot of sleepless nights later on.

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