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Property Management is tightly regulated

Mendell Gosnell - Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Property Management Industry is Highly Regulated                       

When you stop to think about all the various entities, agencies and government bodies that regulate and oversee the real estate and property management industry it can come as quite a surprise.  In one sense it is great that we have a high standard to live up to but it can be daunting and can drive up the cost of doing business and the ultimate cost to tenants in the form of monthly rent.  Here are a few of the agencies that oversee the property management industry:

  • State of Oregon
  • HUD
  • Local Fire Department
  • Fair Housing
  • Real Estate Agency
  • Banking Industry
  • Police
  • Insurance Companies
  • City Government
  • And many more…

Here at Centurion we take it even further by associating and becoming members of industry trade organizations that raise the bar of expectation and standards even higher.  Everything from professional business conduct, to ethics and industry best practices, we eagerly meet the challenge of excellence every day.

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