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Manager vs. Leader

Mendell Gosnell - Tuesday, June 30, 2015

One of the biggest benefits of professional property management with Centurion is the thing you don’t see. Minimizing exposure to liability. As we all know from the school of hard knocks, mistakes can be costly - especially in Property Management and Real Estate Investing. Centurion works hard at managing property in a way to avoid and mitigate potential liability issues. Everything from frequent property inspections to making sure your rental property is safe and secure to keeping happy and satisfied tenants. Attention to the details and working hard behind the scene is what we do everyday on behalf of our owners. Although we are referred to as the “property manager”, we have a fiduciary responsibility to our owners that goes well beyond just carrying out simple duties. Centurion is more than just your property manager - we are a Leader in the industry.

This difference can best be illustrated by the below figure.



Completes the task Owns the result
Other-directed Self-directed
Narrow Focus Big Picture
Delivers Information Advises and Consults
Responds to Needs Anticipates Needs
Adequate Skill Exceptional Skill
Low Service High Service
Low-Level Thinking High-Level Thinking
Meets Expectations Exceeds Expectations
Replaceable Irreplaceable

At Centurion we manage property in Salem, Oregon and throughout the Mid-Willamette Valley - and we strive to provide every client with the best service and superior leadership.  We offer so much more than basic "management" - we are proud to offer exceptional asset management. Happy investing! All the best, --Mendell Gosnell,  CPM® Oregon Licensed Principal Broker

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