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Maintenance on my rental property in Salem, Oregon

Mendell Gosnell - Sunday, June 25, 2017

What to expect with maintenance on my rental property in Salem, Oregon

In order for our firm to manage the high volume of maintenance requests we must have a clear process that is timely.  That is why we lay out in plain terms ahead of time what the standard protocol for general maintenance items that come in for your property.  Such as a leaky faucet or stove that is not functioning…city codes in many cases dictate how we must respond due to our responsibility as Landlords or in this case you as the landlord and we as your acting agent. 

This means that when a stove goes out it is not a matter of if it will get fixed but how or who will do it and to make sure that it is also within the timeline laid out in the law.  For habitability issues the law states that Landlords are required to fix or repair things that fall under the category of an essential service and/or items that fulfill the legal definition of what constitutes a rental property that is “habitable”. 

So if it is an item that is under the preset amount in your management contract then we will use our best judgment and take care of the item.  Some of the other issues that come into play here is that it is our companies reputation that is at stake with the tenants along with our obligation to adhere to all applicable laws and city codes and the landlord/tenant law along with our code of ethics as a company.  We do believe and have seen from experience that it is in our property owners’ best interest to take care of the tenants so that they stay happy and rent longer. 

Keep in mind the survey results that show #1 and #2 reasons why tenants move out are they didn’t feel appreciated and maintenance concerns were not handled…this conflicts with many owners desire to do everything on the cheap and defer maintenance issues and band aide and repair instead of replace…you can be working against yourself in many cases.

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