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10 Signs You Need To Hire A Property Manager

Mendell Gosnell - Monday, December 26, 2016

10 Signs Indicating You Need To Hire A Property Manager

Hiring a reputable professional property manager with experience and knowledge may be more valuable than you think (unless you have had a disaster in an attempt to manage yourself, you may not know you even need help). Be proactive and don’t wait for one or more of these 10 things to happen to you before you decide to hire a property manager who can alleviate these headaches, reduce liability, generate a better ROI and put cash flow in your pocket.

  1. You have a tenant that knows the Fair Housing Act and Oregon Landlord Tenant Laws better than you do and is working the system and will soon (if not already) be working you.
  2. You are needing to evict a tenant but don’t know where to start nor are you prepared/educated for all the potential legal pit falls.
  3. You’re not sure if you are able to raise rents because you’re not keeping up with the local rental market.
  4. You aren’t able to get to maintenance issues in a timely manner that by law, must be reconciled within a certain time frame.
  5. You seem to keep acquiring tenants who give you trouble because you aren’t able to screen them as thoroughly as you’d like prior to moving in.
  6. You don’t know what repairs you are required to do and what the tenant is responsible for.
  7. You need a job done that is out of your abilities and don’t know who to call that is available but you also have to get it completed within the legal timeframe.
  8. You are tired of getting calls on weekends and evenings from tenants.
  9. Your family life is suffering because of all the attention the rental is getting from you.
  10. Your dream of being a real estate investor is no longer attractive or desired.

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